Ep #25 - Aaron Evans

“Aaron Evans” THE LION IS BACK!!! - In this episode I chat with the mighty lyricist and artist Aaron Evans. Aaron has been writing, directing, and producing his music and videos for the past two decades with a focus of achieving “life balance” and it shows in tracks like “The Test of Healing” HERE.
Aaron shares his latest inspirations (and pain) endured in placing his soul into audio and video format for the world to witness.  His newest upcoming album “Hope Floats" is set to release in February 2019. In this episode we unexpectedly went DEEP… we talked about coping with the recent death of our fathers, the struggles of creation, “apathy shaming”, and the dysfunction of fame. 
I cannot recommend Aaron’s music enough. Be sure to subscribe to his music below and follow his journey on facebook HERE and witness his amazing artwork through his website HERE.
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