RandOm-sode #7

Welcome to my RandOm-sode series! - Where I share my thoughts on modern happenings, strange social faux paus I've encountered over the week, views on political tomfoolery, and rants about topics affecting my life (and most-likely yours, too). In this episode I cover:

    •    Colin Kapernick and Nike fuckery
    •    Why dating outside your race is optimal (Propagation of the Species)
    •    Elon Musk and Weed
    •    Why do people (men in-particular) overdose or commit suicide at alarming rates at 27?
    •    Current songs on my Apple Music downloaded list this week
    •    Honing in my Bow Hunting skills and preparing for harvest
Suggested consumption related to this show:
  • SONG: "I'm Alive" by Johnny Thunder: http://bit.ly/2QdtidL
  • MOVIE: "American Anmials": http://bit.ly/2Qg7T3K
  • SONG: "This is America" (Metal Version): http://bit.ly/2QgRn3w
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